30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Borderland Town

Picture of Anna Kuźmińska-Longota
Anna Kuźmińska-Longota

This year’s 30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Biłgoraj will be different from all others. For the first time it will take place during an outdoor concert. There will be music that carries and moves, there will be auctions and, as always, lots of open hearts!

Day schedule:

15:00 – Welcome
15:15 – Kuba Nizio
15:30 – children for WOŚP
16:00 – Seven Eighths
16:50 – Fire LBL
17:40 – Michalina Lipińska
18:30 – The Foxcats
19:20 – Ola Nizio
20:00 – Light to the sky

Additional attractions

Moto Serce – a meeting of automotive enthusiasts combined with a show of vintage and unique cars.
The Off-Road Point is a point where you can take a ride in an off-road vehicle over the nearby bumps, of course after paying a donation to the WOŚP collection box.
Due to the winter weather, viewers will be able to warm up in specially prepared places and buy warming drinks, delicious snacks and warm food.
After the concert, we invite you to watch the broadcast of the BCK bands’ performances.

ATTENTION!!! Please do not come to the town by car, we want you to visit us as part of a Sunday walk.

They invite you to the concert

Independent Culture Center Ambulance
Biłgoraj Automobile Club
Moto Serce Biłgoraj
A town on the Borderland Culture Trail
Biłgoraj Cultural Center
Strategic sponsor of the concert:


Private Primary School in Biłgoraj
Avia – gas station St. Łąkowa 13

Organizational support:
Księżpol commune
Biłgoraj commune

Magdalena De Cerqueira

Administration and accounting

Anna Kuźmińska-Longota

Sales and marketing

Maciej Kuźmiński

Head of technical