The “Town on the Trail of Borderland Cultures”, also known as the Borderland Town, is a 40-hectare development situated just a few minutes away from the very centre of Biłgoraj in the valley of the Biała Łada River.

The site represents the architecture, culture and model of society characteristic of the borderlands of south-eastern Poland in the late 19th and early 20th century. The town will consist of three parts – Jewish, Orthodox and Polish.

The buildings established in the Borderland Town are faithful copies of buildings that once existed in the region’s borderland towns. The architecture was reconstructed on the basis of available archival material: documents, paintings and surviving photographs.

The Borderland Town is a place to live and do local business in, with an atmosphere similar to Kazimierz Dolny or Sandomierz.

In the future, the Borderland Town will use its multicultural potential to function as a cultural, sports, recreational, hospitality and catering hub, as well as a logistics and information centre for development projects dedicated to tourism and recreation in the region.

A living town

The infrastructure of the Borderland Town is suitable for a variety of events: festivals, concerts, shows and exhibitions. The reconstructed urban layout of a pre-war town is a space full of life. Here you will find both traditional and modern food outlets, service facilities and buildings that attract tourists due to their function and architecture.

“We are keen for it not to be an open-air museum, but a living place. Living here is different than living in a block of flats. Everyone knows each other, the atmosphere of a small pre-war town is recreated.”

Development plan for
Town on the Trail
Borderland Cultures