Biłgoraj XXI

Town on the Trail of Borderland Cultures

Who are we?

On 2 July 2005 the “Civic Entrepreneurship for Integration, Economic Development, Culture, Tourism and Sports and for the Preservation of Traditions of the Borderland Regions – Biłgoraj XXI” Foundation was established on the basis of a notarial deed.

The foundation was set up by a group of Biłgoraj residents and supporters interested in organising, supporting and promoting activities for the economic development of the town and region as well as increasing its tourism potential by, among others, referring to the traditions and customs of the borderland regions.

We are supporters of self-governing Poland, working for the development of our small homeland – Biłgoraj.

Our aims

1. Organising, supporting and promoting activities for the benefit of the Town of Biłgoraj and the region in the areas of:

  • economic development,
  • protection of traditions and promotion of culture and the arts,
  • boosting the tourism potential,
  • sport, physical culture and recreation,
  • health protection,
  • science, education and training,
  • historical site conservation.

2. Renovation, reconstruction and construction of stylish public and economic facilities as well as the development of areas for cultural, recreational, sporting and tourist purposes through the construction of the “Town on the Trail of Borderland Cultures” complex in Biłgoraj and its surroundings, together with accompanying facilities.
3. Popularising the historical, cultural and tourist assets of the Town of Biłgoraj and the region.
4. Nurturing and disseminating the traditions, content and values of regional cultures.
5. Undertaking educational, training and promotional activities.
6. Supporting sports and artistic talents.
7. Promoting modern technologies favouring environmental protection and regional development.
8. Integrating the residents of the Town of Biłgoraj and the region.
9. Charitable activities.

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